by jac

handcrafted living gifts

Add some green inspiration to your home or office with a unique, decorative kokedama.

Plants can create a sense of calm and happy in your space whilst improving productivity plus you get to enjoy the health benefits. Not only do plants improve air quality and remove nasty toxins but they are a form of decor that can add a pop of colour and fill a space that was otherwise empty. 

A natural, biodegradable addition to any plant is to wrap its root system in moss and secure it all with twine - the kokedama. A unique alternative to a potted plant, a kokedama is long lasting and low maintenance.

Kokedama (or 'mossballs') can be suspended by string or displayed on a dish or stand or placed as is on your table or desk whereby the mossball itself provides the perfect base for your kokedama to stand upright.  There is no end the display possibilities.


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